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Hello everyone! After much consideration and support from family and friends I have decided to start a blog! This will be a place for me to document my photography and travels and serve as my creative outlet. It is my hope that it will provide inspiration to others to get out of their comfort zone and see the world, experience something new, or meet a person from a different background.

I love coffee, culture, food, and music in addition to travel, and hope to highlight all of these in my posts. I truly appreciate your support and welcome feedback and suggestions for content that you feel would be interesting. I’m looking forward to watching this grow and sharing my adventures with each of you. Thanks for your support!

Danielle Guy

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I’m Danielle. I’m a 23 year old ICU nurse that thoroughly enjoys travel, writing, and photography. Though Nashville is my home, most of my free time is either spent traveling or planning my next trip. I enjoy connecting with people of all backgrounds and cultures. It’s my hope that my journey will inspire you to plan one of your own!

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