Photos of Rome that will have you falling in love. All Roads Lead to Rome, Why Not Follow Them?

Photos of Rome



Recently, I wrote about why travelers should ditch traditional European cities to visit Palma de Mallorca. While Rome is extremely crowded and many areas are filled with street vendors and tourist traps, it is a gem on the Mediterranean. These photos of Rome certainly speak for the beauty of this ancient city!

In fact, I prefer Rome over Paris, and it very much competes with Copenhagen as my favorite city in the world. Much of my fascination with Europe is centered around the fact that most buildings in Europe are older than our country.

I love history, and I love that Europeans value their history. Rome is the perfect place for history nerds.

As the 6th most visited city by US travelers, Rome is well equipped to accommodate tourists. Some of the most magical and fascinating places in the world lie within the city limits. Not to mention the food.

Whether you’re a culture seeker, an adventurer, or a honeymooner, Rome can and will offer you something new every time you visit.

Italy is one of my favorite countries to visit- mainly because I am a huge culture seeker. I love how warm and inviting the people of Italy are.

Everyone is so eager to share their history and culture with you. You feel like you’re part of the family by the time you leave.

I cannot express enough how much I loved it here. I’m sure these photos of Rome will speak for themselves. Have you visited Rome? Did you love it as much as I did?

Danielle Guy