This beautiful microstate has some pretty big views for being the 2nd smallest country in the world.

20 Photos of Monaco That Will Convince You To Visit

Officially named The Principality of Monaco, Monaco is the 2nd smallest country in the world (second to The Vatican City), and is only 2 square kilometers large. Most commonly known for the immense wealth of this micro state, 30% of Monaco’s residents are millionaires, and symbols of wealth including luxury brands, sports cars, and extravagant hotels and restaurants are everywhere you turn.
This small country has so much to offer, including a rich history, incredible food, and beautiful views of the French Riviera.
With a short amount of time in this micro state, I headed first to the Prince’s Palace of Monaco, which is the official residence of Prince Albert II and has been home to the Grimaldi residence since the 13th century. Originally built as a fortress, the Prince’s Palace is one of the most unique palaces in all of Europe, and is one of the must-see attractions in Monaco.
I timed out my tour of the palace just in time to see the changing of the guard, which is a ceremony that I highly recommend you experience if you are able. I then wandered the streets nearby until we wandered into Crêperie Pizzéria du Rocher for lunch where we enjoyed some of the most delicious crepes that we’ve ever tasted (you can also get a Monaco beer here).
I recommend making time to visit Cathédrale Notre-Dame-Immaculée, which is the cathedral that most of the Grimaldis, including Grace Kelly, are buried.
No trip to Monaco is complete without a visit to Monte Carlo, where I saw the Grand Prix race course and visited the Monte Carlo Casino. There are hundreds of shops and extravagant boutiques and bakeries that you can visit in this area as well!
Adieu, Monaco! I will be back shortly!